What can Sound Massage be used for?

Physical conditions that may benefit from VAT:
~Cerebral Palsy
~Menstrual Pain
~High Blood Pressure
~Muscle overuse and pain (strains/sprains); fractures; sports injuries; neck/shoulder/knee/spinal cord; and other physical injuries
~Cystic Fibrosis
~Sciatica/Hip Pain/Back Pain
~COPD/Asthma/Bronchitis/Other Respiratory Disorders
~Insomnia/Sleep Deficit/Fatigue
~Headaches and Migraines
~Kidney and Bladder Stones
~Fibromyalgia/Fibrositis/Multiple Sclerosis
~Post-Operative Healing
~Myofascial Release
~Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
~Poor Circulation
~Cramping/Muscle Spasms/Tremors
~Nausea/Constipation/IBS/Other Digestive and Intestinal Disorders
~Limited Range of Motion/Muscle Tautness/Poor Muscle Tone

~Stimulate central nervous system
~Improve lymphatic flow
~Regulate limbic system
~Aid in recovery from stroke
~Relieve muscle tension
~Increase Oxygenation
~Optimize other treatment modalities
~Reduce reliance on medications

Emotional conditions that may benefit from VAT:

~Release Stress
~Reduce Anxiety
~Depression and Mood Disorders
~Improve Sleep Quality
~Decrease Psychological Pain
~Enhance Creativity
~Support PTSD Treatment
~Facilitate Relaxation
~Deep Meditation
~Calm and Soothe Restless Behaviour
~Enhance Peace and Calmness
~Reconnect Mind and Body

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